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Naselkom initiative


Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Health and Prevention to keep pace with the developments in the healthcare sector and to access innovative treatment methods within the framework of the Ministry's comprehensive plan to incorporate 100% artificial intelligence (AI) into medical services, the ministry has launched the " Naselkom " initiative. It aims to develop the services and treatment of rheumatic and arthritic diseases using the telemedicine system where primary care physician and patients have a remote specialist between specialized and community hospitals. This procedure is an important step in providing treatment as quickly as possible and helps in closely monitoring the patient according to the therapeutic plan, thus contributing to alleviating complications resulting from these diseases


The Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to involve the public by monitoring their opinions and proposals about the initiative and measuring the acceptance of innovative therapeutic methods using the telemedicine system, in order to ensure better health care services, reduce complications and disabilities, and to optimize human resources


The Ministry of Health and Prevention will undertake to receive public suggestions and measure acceptance of the service to assist in the decision-making and developing the telemedicine system in specialized clinics for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis, ensuring comprehensive and innovative health services and building quality, therapeutic, health and pharmaceutical systems in accordance with the global standards and enhancing the patient value


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