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Visiting Consultants Program


Within the framework of the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s (MOHAP) strategy to provide an effective and sustainable health system for a happy society through the Visiting Consultants Program, the Ministry is keen to bring in global medical expertise for the treatment of intractable cases and to conduct a rigorous and rare surgeries, The recruitment of visiting doctors to state hospitals in important disciplines is reflected positively on patients' health and it is a good opportunity to resolve complex and emergency pathological situations


Through this consultation, the Ministry aims to measure the clients’ satisfaction levels on the Visiting Consultants Program, which provides appropriate treatments in various disciplines, with global medical expertise and monitor all clients’ views and proposals to develop the service. The consultation also identifies the most important disciplines that are a priority to ensure that the best treatment services are provided to patients


After studying the clients’ satisfaction levels on the Visiting Consultants Program and identifying the most important disciplines that represent the priorities, the Ministry will expand the number of hospitals covered under the program and medical centers to host qualified doctors from abroad in order to enhance the happiness and satisfaction levels of the community

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