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E-Health Information System ‘Wareed


As part of its commitment to provide comprehensive, integrated, excellent, professional, and world-class health services, the Ministry of Health and Prevention has launched e-health information system ‘Warred.’ Designed to connect Ministry-run medical facilities and infrastructure, the electronic system seeks to enhance the healthcare sector through the adoption of global best practices. As per the internationally accepted standards, the electronic system promotes paperless transactions and faster completion of all business processes and requests.


Through this consultation, the Ministry of Health and Prevention will measure the extent of community awareness on the importance of working with the e-health information system - ‘Warred,’ and involve the community through their proposals and ideas that help to expand the system in various health-care centers.


After studying all opinions and suggestions, the Ministry will work to mainstream the e-health information system ‘Warred’ in all state health-care centers, which contributes to the promotion of happiness levels in the Emirate society.


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