Traditional Sports embody UAE's identity, values, and roots

15/09/2022 Health and fitness | H.E. Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Hussein, Secretary-General of the General Authority for Sports

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Traditional sports in the UAE link the past and present, connecting generations and constructing a future that is rooted in the past. Due to this fact, our wise leadership pays great attention to this heritage activity for its role in consolidating the values of the Emirati society based on love, coexistence, and tolerance. 

Despite the advancements made by our nation in every sector, we are proud to continue our traditional sports. We have reached space and accomplished impressive milestones in education, knowledge, culture, medicine, economy, tourism, construction, communication, technology, and sports, among others. But we haven't lost touch with our roots or forgotten our legacy as a result of this amazing progress. For example, we have the two best airlines in the world - Emirates and Etihad - but we are still interested in the traditional camel race, which was established and cared for by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Today, we have astronauts, and our Hope Probe is in orbit around Mars, but we haven't forgotten our history or who we are. Instead, we are fighting to deepen it in our conscience and strengthen its pillars in society.

Traditional sports are not just for entertainment, as they share a spiritual connection with the past, values, and principles and maintain the authenticity of the UAE in the present age of technology, connecting us with the desert, and promoting our national identity.   

Inspired by the directions of our wise leadership, the General Authority of Sports pays keen attention to the traditional sports. We look forward to enhancing its social impact since we believe that every triumph in the world of traditional sports has a good impact on our society and the generations that follow.

The traditional sports sector in the UAE is vital and encouraging. For example, since its inception in 2021, the Emirates Falcons Federation has consolidated its presence in the community by constantly striving to showcase the nobility of falconry and working to build a generation of falconers capable of strengthening the UAE's leadership globally.

The UAE has the most well-known professional falconers, and has played an active role in registering falconry as a cultural heritage in UNESCO. In addition, falconry has been classified as one of the most important sports that preserve the environment. Annually, the UAE organizes various falconry tournaments using advanced techniques to calculate results.

The General Authority for Sports and the Emirates Falcons Federation seek to continue to enhance the status of this sport and other traditional sports to serve the community. To achieve these goals, we are working on expanding the scope of partnerships with government entities and private sector institutions.

In summary, traditional sports embodies our identity, values, and roots. They are a shield that protects our new generations from foreign cultures. Therefore, we encourage all members of society to cherish our heritage as our identity is our permanent address.

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