Blackmail Awareness Campaign Extended

08/01/2017 Justice, safety and the law | Khaleej times

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A year ago, the UAE Telecommunications Sector (TRA) launched a unique campaign aimed at promoting awareness on Cyber Blackmail in collaboration with "Al Ameen Service" And Dubai Police.


It draws its uniqueness from the fact that it is the first campaign to be co-organized by a regulatory authority and a police establishment, in addition to its focusing on the risks and consequences caused by cyber blackmail.

 The remarkable growth and development of the cyber space locally with the use of modern technologies, serves as an opportunity for unprincipled users who take advantage of this growth to harm other people, violate their privacy.

 After the success the campaign achieved, "Al Ameen Service" decided to extend the campaign for one year.

 Do you have any suggestions for improving the campaign? we welcome your feedback on this blog, and we will share it with concerned authorities.

 Useful links:

·       Be careful what you post on social media: Dubai Police – Khaleej times 

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Anonymous Commented on 18/04/2017

Great idea and I hope it will help on solving this problem

Anonymous Commented on 19/02/2017

Give more examples of unsuspecting situations that got people into trouble. This way will be very effective in creating awareness.

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