Innovation and creative thinking strategies

08/09/2022 General | khadeeja Abdulsalam Mohamed Binishaq

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Innovation or creativity is bringing something new that keeps pace with change and development,
 and it is usually born out of the need for innovative solutions to all the challenges facing us.
Innovation usually occurs when an individual's tries to 
search and answer many questions that are out of the ordinary ,
and that have not been researched before;
 This results in a kind of simulation and distinct thinking that we call and later call "innovation" or "creative thinking".
The value of "innovation and creative thinking" can be determined in several ways,
 such as: the extent to which incremental improvements have been made to existing products,
 the creation of completely new products and services,
 or the extent to which the cost has been reduced as a result of "innovation and creative thinking".
To be an innovative person you need:
-        Enjoying initiative, leadership and motivation for achievement; It motivates you to think and create.
-       Positive thinking; It is the strength within you that drives thinking and creativity.
-        The ability to share and interact with others to exchange ideas; This will enrich your creative thinking.
-      Perseverance, perseverance and high energy;
 They are your psychological components towards thinking and creativity.
-      Self-confidence, responsibility and a sense of ability lead you towards achieving accomplishments.

How do you come up with new ideas?
1- Mixing two ideas into one idea:
Connecting things that are not clearly linked, or merging two new ideas to get a great idea;
 It is one of the most successful tools towards creativity.
Once you dive into your thinking,
 you simulate the painter when he holds a feather in his hand and mixes two colors and more,
 making a beautiful painting of it.
2- Using mind maps:
Maps help to notice the connections between different concepts,
 and as such is an important tool for drawing ideas in the most creative way possible.
3- Try to sleep:
Try to hold a reflection session right before you go to sleep,
 as this is the time when your mind begins to filter the negative planktons that have been deposited during the day, so it clears up little by little to be more positive.
4- walking:
People who keep walking are more able to come up with creative ideas by up to 60% than others, and interestingly, 
the effect of walking on the brain continues even after the completion of walking,
 so try to walk outside the house or workplace until you break the daily routine and come up with inspirational ideas.
5- Avoid self-censorship:
Think twice and three times before rejecting any new idea that comes to your mind,
 and you can keep these ideas without criticizing them until you come back to them later.
Written By : Khadeeja Binishaq


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Nice tips

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سعيد بنتي بما اشاهده من حماس واظهار نقاط قوتك في الكتابة واستمري

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