FAHR: The UAE is a role model in Managing and Empowering Human Capital

01/09/2022 General | The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

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The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) firmly believes that the way to develop the institutional work system in the public and private sectors, improve the capabilities and skills of human resources, and create a stimulating work environment for them, lies in sharing the best experiences and successful global practices in this field.   

So, it recognizes the importance of drawing lessons from leading organizations with long-standing experiences in the field of managing, developing and empowering human capital, as this has been its goal since its establishment in 2009.

By virtue of the its mandate, its close cooperation with the best international organizations of expertise in the field of human resource management and development, the Authority has gained much experience, best practices and models in the field of government work and talent empowerment. Now, the Authority has become, in a short time, a source for government and private bodies within and outside the country, seeking to benefit from successful experiences, best practices, and knowledge in human capital development and management.

During the first half of 2022, the Authority received dozens of requests from foreign and local government and private institutions, wishing to conduct benchmarking studies with the Authority, to learn about its experience in human resources empowerment, and the development of the institutional work system at the federal government level.

Since the beginning of this year and until the end of last June, the Authority carried out 27 benchmarking sessions, including virtual ones, with government institutions from inside and outside the UAE.

Three international delegations from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Iraq and the Republic of Uzbekistan learned about the UAE's experience in managing and empowering human resources and attracting talents. All of them expressed their admiration for the leading global position of the UAE in terms of government efficiency, digital services, and advanced electronic human resource systems.

The Authority also briefed many federal and local government institutions on its strategic initiatives and projects. These institutions include, the Ministry of Interior, Ajman Government, Umm Al Quwain Smart Government, Dubai Government Human Resources Department, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, UAE Space Agency, and the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Securities and Commodities Authority, Ministry of Health and Prevention and Ministry of Culture and Youth.

The Authority calls on the entities wishing to view the best practices and experiences of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, to take advantage of the benchmarking services provided by the Authority, by submitting a request through the Customer Happiness System, available on the Authority's website: www.fahr.gov.ae. Note that   Customer Happiness System is an interactive electronic portal that includes all the services provided by the Authority to its customers.


Meitha Kolthoum,

Director of Strategy and Future Department

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

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