Emirati Women's Day celebration speech

29/08/2022 General | Excellency Dr.Maryam Butti Al Suwaidi

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The country celebrates Emirati Women's Day to recognize the outstanding status women have come to enjoy, to boost their potential, and to take pride in the distinguished role they have been playing in all fields and the great responsibilities they have been shouldering with utmost competence and skill.
Emirati Women's Day this year is celebrated under the theme "Inspiring Reality ... Sustainable Future", which reflects the remarkable achievements that Emirati women have made over more than half a century. They have set the best example of hard work, giving, and loyalty to their homeland. They have demonstrated their ability to shoulder the responsibilities associated with the tasks they have been assigned and the positions they have held and have made high-profile achievements in all walks of life.
The experience of the past five decades shows that Emirati women not only make up half of the society, but they are a major partner in the country's development and march towards progress and prosperity. We have seen them working alongside men in different sectors while preserving the social and cultural peculiarities that characterize the Emirati society. We have known them as the symbol of pride and determination and a source of inspiration to build on the past achievements. They raise unsung heroes that defend the homeland, heroes that are capable of carrying on the journey of development and giving, with pride, dignity, and honor.
It is important to note here that the wise leadership, has, ever since the country's establishment, been endlessly supporting and empowering Emirati women. The Mother of the Nation, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, has also provided Emirati women with unparalleled support and guidance.
The country's wise leadership and prudent government have been committed to empowering women and ensuring their growth and progress at all levels, thus confirming the well-established approach to empower women pursued since the country's foundation by its founding father, the late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who stressed that the development and prosperity of a nation can only be achieved by its sons and daughters and that women are a vital partner in the march towards sustainable development.
Finally, Emirati women have been and still are an example and a shining role model to be emulated by the United Arab Emirates society. The whole world admires Emirati women and their accomplishments since they have made positive strides and have been serving as a role model, showing the world their crucial role in societal development. Emirati women have been a contributor and a giving partner in the country's comprehensive development journey; they have been a source of inspiration for all women across the world. They have always risen to the challenges facing them and have succeeded in meeting the hopes placed in them.
Dr. Maryam Butti Al Suwaidi
Chief Executive Officer
Securities and Commodities Authority

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