Celebrating Zayed Humanitarian Day Reflects Our Giving Back Efforts towards A Humanitarian Leader

07/06/2021 General | Ministry Of Community Development

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The UAE celebration of "Zayed Humanitarian Day", marking the memory of the sad demise of late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, on 19th Ramadan each year, reflects our giving back efforts towards the pioneer of humanitarian giving and the founding father of the UAE-may his soul rest in peace, who established a leading country and a happy nation and active generations who make greater efforts in making good deeds, giving and solidarity with others. The UAE community is committed to the leadership approach with a positive spirit and motivation to provide the best and the most, this is what we as "Zayed Sons and Daughters" have been raised to and will continue the sustainable approach. The Ministry of Community Development based on the principles of achieving family cohesion and community coherence, continues to support the solidarity and cohesion of the UAE nation and people at various times, especially during the current circumstances, where the sense of responsibility is multiplied by everyone.

The legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is the highest value for this nation and people and will remain engraved and preserved by humanitarian deeds; everyone seeks to leave a bright unforgettable mark of humanitarian giving. The Ministry of Community Development is very keen to adopt this approach by implementing several sustainable initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan in particular, reflecting the spirit of giving on the occasion of "Zayed Day of Humanitarian Day", such as the "Our Good Deeds for Our Families" initiative, which provides financial and in-kind assistances to needy families, "Massaei Al Khair"  initiative meaning good deeds in English, to renovate the homes of social security beneficiaries, and many other initiatives to honor needy families and achieve community-wide interaction, this is indeed an enriched valuable occasion in the hearts of both UAE citizens and residents.

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