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27/04/2021 General | Dr.Saeed Ali Bahbuh Alnaqbi -Undersecretary

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The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates affirmed the concepts of justice and security as basic pillars in protecting rights and freedoms on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. As the utmost importance that these two sectors, they were two main pivots towards the next fifty and two basic requirements for development in its various economic and social fields towards a stable, secure and developed society. Our wise leadership was keen to direct to achieve and harnessed all the capabilities necessary .

It was clear in the close and continuous interdependence between the officials of justice and interior since the founding of the State, and perhaps the best example of the great result of this close interconnection of the Supreme Committee efforts to develop electronic judicial systems between all federal and local judicial authorities and the Ministry of Interior in the State, where everyone worked in the spirit of one team in the efforts of Joint and continuous to achieve the noble goal of customer happiness, by simplifying the procedures and completing the related transactions between these entities and ensuring the quality of the data, the reduction of time and effort, in addition to providing an accurate and efficient database that can be referred to and exchanged easily.
These efforts contributed to the launch of new services that strengthened cooperation between partners through technical linkage and integration of procedures between them, and succeeded in continuing all work according to precautionary measures , pandemic at its peak was not a barrier or an obstacle at all, on the contrary, it contributed to expand providing more smart services, and establish a work system between justice and security that guarantees the achievement of happiness for society members and institutions, keeps pace with the requirements of the digital age, and affirms the ability to face challenges with confidence and consistency and works to develop and the promotion of joint governmental work seeking to advance it, and providing the best services in a way that enhances the quality of life, the country's position and its advanced position in the international competitiveness, so that the UAE will always remain, God Almighty willing, at the forefront of the countries of the world as a place of security and justice and an open for everyone dream to visit.

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