The insurance coverage extends to dependents of the heirs of the pensioner at his death as if alive

25/04/2021 General | Shamma Al Shaibani

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The inclusion in social insurance extends to the family of the insured or pensioner upon his death as if he were alive, which embodies the symbiotic principle that characterizes the social insurance system in the UAE, as it derives its legislative reference from the text of Article (14) of the Constitution, which Emphasizes that "equality and social justice, the provision of security, tranquility and equal opportunities for all citizens are among the pillars of society, solidarity and compassion, and a close bond between them.

The pension system in the country seeks to consolidate the culture of solidarity by expanding the circle of insurance coverage so that the umbrella of coverage extends to all groups that used to depend on the insured or pensioner during his lifetime, and on the other hand encouraging the insured to reach the period eligible for retirement entitlement, and continuing to Work for the longest possible opportunity to increase his pension rate upon retirement, which will positively reflect on his future and the future of the family upon retirement or after his death, God forbid.

The law does not differentiate when distributing the pension to the beneficiaries if the beneficiary has acquired the nationality of the state or not, because the retirement pension in its general sense is not a legal inheritance, and therefore the wife, children or other beneficiaries of the pension,  Those who are entitled outside the country from their enjoyment of spending their pension share if the conditions of entitlement are met

Mohamad Saif Al Hameli

Director General of the General Pensions and Social Security Authority

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