The Resilient Establishment

10/12/2019 General | Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation

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The fourth industrial revolution has created unprecedented challenges for establishments, leaving them with two choices, either catching up and accepting the competition or being left behind and facing the implications. The decisive factor between failure and success is the ability to adapt to rapid developments and keep pace with advanced technologies and artificial intelligence. 

The concept of "Resilient Establishment" has been a strategic demand for us to cope with accelerated technology changes and invest it in the right way. This requires having a smart and flexible institutional vision that paves the way for setting alternative plans to deal with occurring transformations, amid the abundance of highly-qualified professional cadres, who are ready to tackle any shifts.

No doubt, the rapid development achieved by the UAE in various sectors and the increase in its global competitiveness, result from a futuristic vision that set conceptions and solutions for future challenges in advance. The said solutions are based on investing advanced technologies in raising the efficacy of services to achieve community happiness and developing human skills.

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