Empowering through Emiratization

17/11/2019 Education | Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi - President & CEO, Higher Colleges of Technology

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The “Emiratization file” is a top priority for our wise leadership and the responsibility of all. Emiratization is both “preparation” and “recruitment”, and it is the responsibility of higher education institutions to support this national initiative by focusing on “preparing” students and empowering them to work with great efficiency and professionalism, in both the government and private sectors and assume leadership and technical roles.

At the Higher Colleges of Technology, we believe in the principle “Empowering through Emiratization”. In line with the vision and future foresight of the UAE’s leadership, we now place great importance on skills in addition to academic qualifications. We have awarded international professional certificates to thousands of students while they are still studying at HCT, living up to our promise to make them the employers’ first choice.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, announced the HCT 4.0 strategic plan, main purpose of which is to empower youth to proactively create their own opportunities. The HCT 4.0 national vision will graduate companies and entrepreneurs, produce technical leaders and create educational opportunities for all.

Our goal is employment and beyond, and we encourage our students to change their perspectives on the private sector and seek employment in this sector with knowledge and professionalism. In order to form a positive view of the private sector, which is a strategic partner in development and Emiratization in view of the ample job opportunities provided, we sought to ensure 100% student work placement in the private sector to familiarize students with the challenges and opportunities of the private sector, where they will be able to boost their experience and skills and establish their own businesses. Hence, we will be preparing them professionally and creating a new work culture in support of Emiratization.



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