Zakat solidarity is one of the pillars of Community Security

28/09/2023 Social affairs | His Excellency DR. Mohamed Suliman Al blooshi

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One of the most important things that achieves security in society and inspires intimacy and love among its members is that solidarity prevails among them, and this is achieved by everyone in society feeling that he has duties towards the society in which he lives as he has rights, and since the family is the first building block and its nucleus, our sincere religion focused the utmost emphasis on it, and made it the first step of solidarity; our wise leadership also paid him great attention

The Muslim prophet R represented the Muslim community with one body, where he said: (like believers in their kindness, compassion and compassion, like the body if a member complains about it, the rest of the body falls ill with Vigil and fever), the Hadith is explicit in maximizing the rights of Muslims to each other and urging them to compassion, kindness and solidarity in no sin and no harm, and one of the things that achieve social solidarity among members of society is that the neighbor should take care of the rights and duties of his neighbor, where the Prophet r said: (Gabriel still recommends me to the neighbor I thought he was going to inherit it), and it confirms the right of the neighbor and the greatness of his status

Perhaps one of the most prominent forms of solidarity among the members of society is that one of them stands in need of the other, whether with money, service, advice and advice, or any form of support; and that this support should be from zakat money, directed by the individual for the benefit of his community, it is the first and best, Zakat on the relative is a great reward, and the zakat of the rich in society should be in their poor; as the Prophet R guided, as long as the poor and needy are present in it.

In conclusion, we ask Allah to reward everyone who has sought in the benefit of his community, and praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds


His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Balushi

Acting secretary-general

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أحسنت دكتور، الله يعطيك العافية

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ما شاء مقال جميل

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