Electronic mediation

17/07/2023 Justice, safety and the law | Eng. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Hammadi/ Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice

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Electronic mediation is a modern and innovative way to resolve commercial disputes and achieve economic balance and social development in modern societies. It is also an innovative model for traditional mediation, where information is exchanged and the mediation process is carried out through a reliable platform. The importance of electronic mediation is its ability to facilitate the negotiation process. , and resolving disputes between the parties in civil and commercial cases, and providing a flexible and neutral environment for the two parties, where they can negotiate and exchange offers and claims effectively, without the need to move, and each party can practice it from anywhere and at any time that suits him thanks to modern technology, and the effect of electronic mediation is on The economy of countries is in many important axes, including contributing to the promotion of electronic commerce and trade exchange between countries, where parties from different countries can negotiate and conclude deals via the Internet, without the need for physical presence, increasing the speed and effectiveness of commercial operations, and reducing additional costs associated with transportation. Reliance on electronic mediation contributes to reducing the time required to resolve commercial disputes. Instead of waiting for face-to-face meetings and sessions, the parties involved in the dispute can communicate and negotiate quickly through mediation platforms, saving time, effort and costs.


The United Arab Emirates government has released a guideline on the utilization of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications, aligning with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, with the aim of intensifying studies, research, and efforts to foster the adoption of advanced technologies. These technologies offer various positive capabilities, including serving as a tool for government agencies to leverage AI technology securely across different domains. This initiative seeks to strengthen the UAE's leadership in the realm of AI solutions, as well as develop proactive strategies to stay abreast of the latest digital advancements and global changes. Simultaneously, there is a concerted focus on formulating legislative and regulatory frameworks to mitigate any negative implications associated with the practical application of technology. The objective is to ensure its safe utilization, protect society and children, establish accountability for its usage, and harness the full potential of generative AI applications in delivering government services efficiently. This includes promptly addressing customer inquiries, analyzing feedback on services, opinions, and evaluations, thereby enabling policymakers to devise more effective policies that cater to the evolving needs of society.

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Anonymous Commented on 06/08/2023

هل تمكن الواسطة الالكترونية من دفع رسوم الاقامة للاجانب المحتمل قدومهم من قبل أن يأتو الى الامارات ، وغيرها من خدمات الوافدين ؟

Anonymous Commented on 02/08/2023

اسمحوا لي بهذة الكلمة شهد العالم اليوم وبشكل قل نظيره تطورا هائلا ومتسارعا في عالم الاتصالات حتى أصبحت وسائل الاتصال السريعة لا يمكن لأفراد المجتمع الحديث الاستغناء عنها ونتيجة لهذه التطورات وما صاحبها من تطور في الاتصالات ظهرت التجارة الالكترونية كإحدى روافد ثورة المعلومات

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