Disclosure of cash amounts in the possession of passengers

09/05/2023 Finance and investment | H.E Ahmed Abdullah Bin Lahej Al Falasi Director General of Customs

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Based on the directives of the visionary leadership, the UAE is keen to secure the movement of people and funds through the country's border crossings, to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, and to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for passengers travelling into or out of the UAE. In order to contribute to achieving this goal, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security launched the "Afseh" system to provide an opportunity for passengers travelling into or out of the UAE to disclose their possession of cash amounts and the equivalent of negotiable financial securities, precious metals and stones of value in case it exceeds the maximum allowed amount of AED 60,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies. According to the "Afseh" system, each family member over the age of 18, while traveling into or out of the UAE, has the right to carry a value not exceeding AED 60,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies without disclosing it, while what exceeds the mentioned limit must be disclosed through the "Afseh" system or other disclosure systems approved at the country's border crossings. If the passenger is under the age of 18 (children and adolescents), the amount will be added to an accompanying adult family member, provided that the total amount or financial products in their combined possession does not exceed AED 60,000. The cash amounts are disclosed in accordance with the previous terms through the system in its electronic version on the website, and the smart version of the smartphone application. The process of disclosing and registering passenger data is accomplished easily and conveniently from anywhere in a few minutes before and during travel, as the mechanism for disclosing cash amounts does not include imposing any taxes or fees on passengers for this service. The system aims to ensure the security of passengers and preserve their money, and their entry or exit to and from the country, in line with international laws and standards, and in line with the country's directions and legislation, which enhances the country's competitiveness and consolidates its position at the regional and global levels, in addition to enhancing the efficiency, appropriateness and financial transparency of the country, achieving security and economic goals, saving passengers time and effort and improving the quality of life of society members. In case a passenger, natural or legal, violates the terms of the disclosure system and does not disclose what he has in terms of cash amounts and the like while it exceeds the allowed limit, which is AED 60,000 or its equivalent in other currencies, a customs fine will be imposed on the passenger in accordance with the unified law of customs, or the passenger and the seized items will be referred to the competent law enforcement authorities based on the cases and their recurrence, as cooperation in implementing this system involves various institutions and agencies directly related to the fields of travel.

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