FAHR: February for Innovation and March for Reading

24/04/2023 General | The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

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In February and March of each year, the various UAE government entities and departments witness an extraordinary movement and momentum. In February, all compete to highlight their abilities and achievements in the field of innovation in the "UAE Innovation Month", while in March, "the Month of Reading" everyone devotes themselves to reading in both word and deed.

The UAE may be the first to set one month to innovation and another to reading every year. This comes out of its firm belief in the importance of these two noble aims in the service, development and advancement of humanity. Further, the UAE seeks to consolidate these two approaches as a habit and daily practice among society, with all its components, individuals and institutions.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) was no exception of this innovative cultural movement, as its agenda was, as every year, full of activities. Under the "UAE Innovates", it singled out the month of February for many activities and events that reflect interest in innovative experiences, innovators and talents. This is to achieve the UAE's pioneering position and enhance its competitiveness on the global map in various fields.

The same applies to the month of March, "The UAE Reads", as its agenda was full of cultural and reading activities, making it a national occasion par excellence, reflecting the amount of interest in science and knowledge, and establishing the habit of reading as a lifestyle. The habit of reading, in all its forms and manifestations, undoubtedly contributes to the advancement of society, arming it with education and knowledge. This results in maintaining the UAE gains and magnifies its intellectual, cultural and knowledge achievements, and leading to well-educated generation capable of taking the lead into the future.

During the "UAE Innovation Month", FAHR's agenda included 11 innovative activities and initiatives targeting federal government employees, and those interested and specialized in human resources and innovation. It is a part of the FAHRS' efforts to consolidate innovation as a daily practice and work culture, to invest in the innovators, inventors and talents, and to enhance the country's leadership and global competitiveness in various fields.

 In "the Month of Reading", a series of knowledge field visits were carried out and a series of cultural initiatives and events were launched. This would raise the knowledge levels of federal government employees in general, and FAHR's employees in particular, and motivate them to read whether in special or general fields, and as a culture and as a daily habit.


Meitha Kolthoum

Director of Strategy and Future Department

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources


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