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What documents would you like to have access to under Open Data?

The UAE Government has adopted the Open Data practice to make government data and information seamlessly available to people. What documents would you like to have access to under Open Data?


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David Anderson on 16/01/2017

the statistics on gdp , inflation rate , employement rates

Nicholas Willis on 16/01/2017

I want to see my work contract copy online. Kindly guide me. <div class='UserCredential'> Email :</div>

Reuben Bates on 16/01/2017

The Fire and life safety code of practice 2011

Tom Shaw on 16/01/2017

sir, i have been work in overseas employment promoters office plz send me labour manpower.. thnx. <div class='UserCredential'> Username : junaid nawaz Email :</div>

عبود رضوان on 16/01/2017

السلام عليكم اريد احصائيات تعدد الزوجات في الامارات و العنوسه ...ولكم الشكر <div class='UserCredential'> أسم المستخدم : K</div>

Julius Tucker on 16/01/2017

We are a couple of students doing research concerning the negotiations of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The UAE took part in the negotiations in the first formal round of the discussions, but withdrew after that round. What we would like to get access to are the reasons for the UAE withdrawal, as well as the topic discussed during this first round. Thank you! <div class='UserCredential'> Email :</div>

Samuel Rasmussen on 16/01/2017

Having more XML formatted documents and less Word/PDF would make it easier to use the data. Also, XLS is not too bad, but avoiding big headers and cell formatting (embellishment) also make it easier to use the data from a machine-perspective. <div class='UserCredential'> Username : Antoine Email :</div>

Reuben Bates on 16/01/2017

I need to know the different modes of transportation in UAE, transportation expense as percent of GDP, money spent by mode, number of carriers in each mode, commodities hauled by mode, and taxes paid by each mode.

Samuel Rasmussen on 16/01/2017

Good evening sir , i would like to have an copy of my employment contract, as my companey is giving me the less salary, mentioned in my employment contract my UiD = 47525045, file 101/2011/2/0301852 kindly send me the copy . with regards Agnes Austria Rivera <div class='UserCredential'> Email :</div>

Javier Bishop on 16/01/2017

I would like to know the electricity production and consumption figures for the last one year - for the whole of UAE with figures for individual emirates as well. <div class='UserCredential'> Username : Sapana Email :</div>