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Measuring customer satisfaction for the ministry of Education e-Platform.

About the subject

Ministry of Education launched the Mobile e-Platform Initiative in Fujairah. It is a part of a number of initiatives launched recently by Ministry of Education to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and happiness. The mobile e-Platform provides different services of MoE via innovative tools to reach society members in an easy way.


The e-Platform will provide the public with all services, including certificate attestations, issuance of nursery licences and services relating to higher education and other services. The e-Platform operators will answer questions and enquiries directed by the public.


By such e-Platform, the ministry aims at making several facilities available to provide services all over the country. The ministry aims also to save time and efforts of the customers, innovate new methods for providing services and hence achieve customer happiness.


Share your thoughts

What do you think of this initiative? What kind of benefits can it bring to the society? How effective is this initiative? Share your thoughts as it will help the ministry to improve its services.



Decision Making

 Thanks for all participants ,The opinions and suggestions of the public have been added to the next plan for the e-platform.