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e-Questionnaire to Measure Customer Satisfaction with the Speed and Effectiveness of Responses to Direct Messages on HCT's Social Media Channels

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The HCT receives many messages on its various social media channels, particularly Twitter and Instagram. All messages are responded to in less than 10 hours from receipt, during weekdays and public holidays. To ensure the quality of its services, HCT launched an e-questionnaire to measure customer satisfaction with the speed and effectiveness of responses to direct messages on its social media channels



Through this consultation, HCT aims to evaluate the speed and effectiveness of the HCT team's responses to direct messages on its various social media channels. This will ensure continual development of our services and communication tools, to meet the needs and expectations of all customer groups



The direct message response mechanism will be evaluated in terms of speed and effectiveness, based on the customer feedback. The e-questionnaire results will be shared with the senior management and the relevant departments. Based on the consultation results and management directives, an action plan will be prepared to develop and improve the service