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E-Consultation on launching a virtual chat service “Chatbot” platform on ICA website and Smart Appli

Consultation Subject:

In the framework of the endeavors and efforts made by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship “ICA” to develop its interactive & digital platform and to enhance its presence on both website and smart phones application, ICA invites the public to share their feedbacks and views in respect of the virtual chat service Chatbot launched by ICA in 2020, which is a text chat program that answers the common customers queries by providing  the ' Chatbot ' program with information, understanding the customers’ needs, responding to their inquiries, and directing them to all services required.



Consultation Objective:

The Consultation Objective aims to activate the virtual chat service Chatbot technology to acquire diverse information and to develop the cognitive awareness over the electronic and smart services provided by ICA.



Expected Decisions

Outputs will be monitored, analyzed, and applied.