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Evaluating Public Happiness with the Fatwa Service via a Variety of Channels

The Subject: 

Fatwa Service via a Variety of Channels is one of the main services that Awqaf offers which includes legal Fatwas issued by a group of highly qualified Muftis and scholars who answer public’s inquiries via the toll free number (8002422), SMS via number (2535) or Awqaf’s website ( There is also a Fatwa archive, through which it is possible to search for many Fatwas that are classified as follows: Islamic Culture, Jurisprudence of Worship, Jurisprudence of Transactions, Family and Personal Status, Sins and Crimes and Miscellaneous Rules.

And in its pursuit to offer best online government services and fulfil the public needs and aspirations, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments is pleased to introduce this survey with the aim to measure your rate of satisfaction with regards to this service.

The Goal: 

Identify the public opinion and measure its satisfaction with regards to the Fatwa Service via a Variety of Channels, and analyze the data to be used in process of continuous improvement and development of Awqaf services.

Expected outcomes:

Awqaf will analyse the public’s feedback and suggestions and make use of them in further develop and improve the service.