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Measuring satisfaction and happiness of community members - Ministry of Education


Subject of consultation


The Ministry of Education (MoE) is keen on fulfilling its educational vision as embodied in ‘Innovative education for a knowledge, pioneering and global society’ by building and managing an educational and innovative system for a knowledge-based society with global competitiveness that covers all age categories and meets the future needs of the labor market. This is achieved by ensuring the high-quality of the MoE’s outputs and providing excellent services to internal and external customers.


The MoE also seeks to improve the quality of life by providing educational environments and meeting the requirements of the happiness and quality of life measurement indices including the ‘Human Development Index of the United Nations Development Program’ and the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ set by the United Nations. The two indices focus on supporting the happiness and quality of life components such as education, safety, income and environmental health.


Based on this, the MoE is concerned with achieving the happiness of community members who support its strategy for implementing service-related initiatives and projects by identifying and hence meeting their needs and expectations and allowing them to participate in the Moe’s process of continuous improvement and development.


Therefore, you are requested to answer the questions of the survey to measure the level of your happiness, noting that your answers will be used for scientific research purposes to improve the quality of our services and hence meet your aspirations.


Purpose of consultation


The consultation is aimed at getting familiar with the opinions of the public and measuring the level of their happiness about and satisfaction with the services provided by the MoE. It is also aimed at analyzing the data for use in the process of continuous improvement and development with a view to helping the MoE meet the expectations of the public and ensuring that they access the information and services of interest to them in the easiest and fastest way.


Expected decisions as a result of consultation


In light of your participation in the survey, the MoE will study your opinions and observations on your suggested opportunities for improvement and development before taking the measures necessary to achieve your aspirations and meet your expectations.