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Youth Circles in the aviation sector


The United Arab Emirates attaches great importance to Emirati youth, the UAE presents a global model in empowering young people to build bridges of communication between them and the government in order to prepare a generation of leaders with hope and livelihood to reach a better future for youth. The Authority has established the GCAA Youth Council, which organizes a number of initiatives and programs that serve the aviation sector at a local and international levels, most notably the “Youth Circles” events that discuss the most important developments in the civil aviation sector and the role of youth in developing the sector.



 Youth Circles in the aviation sector contribute to outputs that supports and empower youth, by creating initiatives and projects that serve them, according to directions capable of creating a generation of youth capable of creating the future, activating their role and enhancing their leadership in the civil aviation sector.


The result:

 GCAA will select the suggested topics related to the role of youth in the aviation sector to be discussed in the upcoming youth circles