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Public Opinion Survey On the Social Media Channels of the Insurance Authority


 Topic of the advice: the first section of advice to familiarize the public with the topic to be discussed


​We always strive to keep pace with the times and communicate with our customers and our clients in various available ways. Therefore, we have created accounts on the social networking sites "Twitter", "Facebook", "YouTube" and "Instagram" to provide you with the most important news and events, and to keep you updated on everything related to the insurance sector



The goal of the advice: The second section of advice is focusing on the reasons for raising the issue


Public outreach through social media channels is an urgent need and the media system of the Insurance Authority cannot be completed unless by providing the best services through these channels, which have become an integral part of our daily practical and personal life. We always strive to develop and know the opinion of the public and followers of these channels


Decision Making


Insurance Authority will work on the analysis of audience opinions and include them in the future development plans and will take these feedback and proposals into consideration