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Interactive Laboratory - Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has introduced the first interactive laboratory under the supervision of the Innovation Council. The function was attended by various segments of employees and customers.

The idea of the interactive lab is based on posing a challenge faced by the MoHRE in the form of a specific question that motivates the attendees to put forward a set of ideas that will contribute to addressing and overcoming the challenge before finally the winning feasible idea will be chosen.

The theme of the question of the introduced interactive lab was: ‘How can the MoHRE create new channels for communication with customers?’ Initially, the MoHRE’s efforts for adopting multiple channels for communicating with all segments of customers were reviewed, particularly that the diverse categories of beneficiaries of the MoHRE’s services put the MoHRE in a permanent race against time to ensure access to the customer’s voice. Despite all the efforts made in this respect, the MoHRE leaders are always keen on creating all ways possible for the MoHRE to easily communicate with its customers.

After explaining the existing challenge, it was time for generating ideas. In this stage, the attendees would list all the ideas they have in their mobile phones and smart devices that are automatically linked to the interactive lab. There, all the ideas would appear (without reference to their respective owners) on the display screen immediately. During this stage, as many as 35 different ideas were generated within less than half an hour.

Then came the decision-taking stage, which is based on two voting stages, the first is based on choosing the best five ideas, where the attendees would select their likely ideas on their smart devices. The 5 best ideas that received the highest percentage of votes would then automatically appear on the display screen. This would be followed by the final voting stage for the winning idea out of the total five ideas already selected in the first stage.

The MoHRE was keen on going through the interactive lab experience after the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority announced that the laboratory was part of the digital participation mechanisms in the UAE community and the promotion of the smart services index in all federal government entities. It was aimed at engaging the public, hearing their voices and adopting their views as regards developing government work in terms of services, procedures and policies.

Goal: Enhancing the role of the modern mechanisms and technologies that would improve government work, co-operating with all segments of the society to develop government work and encouraging thegeneration of creative ideas in proposing radical solutions in new, innovative and instant methods.

Decision-making: The MoHRE will study all the ideas that have been put forward, focusing on the winning idea and developing it to ensure that it is implemented in the most optimal manner as soon as possible. The winning idea is based on using the (virtual robot) technology for communicating with customers, who will easily follow up their requests and instantly update them. Through the (virtual robot) services, customers are kept abreast not only of new services but also of additional services related to their requests, thereby saving time and effort.