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Consultation on the development of “Communication with Media Guide”

Subject of the consultation

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) believes in your effective and influential role in delivering positive messages and raising awareness among the public. Hence, TRA is keen on a dynamic relationship with you according to the best experiences and for the benefit of all parties, especially the media. For this purpose, TRA is developing a guide for communicating with the media that takes into account the work nature of the media as well as TRA, to communicate the information to the public in a clear manner to achieve the common interest of the parties in the communication process, which must focus of the recipient audience.

Objective of the consultation

Any relevant guide or policy cannot achieve its goal without communication and consultation between its parties, thus, we have decided to seek your valuable opinion by answering a few questions that would help us develop the guide according to your opinions and views.


Based on your observations and responses to the questions, we will develop a guide to communicate with the media, and we promise that your views and ideas will be taken into considerations. The development of the guide will be an ongoing process for the benefit of all parties.

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