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Development and approval of national vocational qualifications

Counseling subject:

The National Qualifications Authority manages the process of developing and accrediting the national professional qualifications in the various economic sectors for the professions for which it needs to develop qualifications, in cooperation with sector representatives and according to an approved development mechanism from the authority that guarantees the quality of development and compatibility with specifications and requirements of the labor market, which enables training institutions accredited by the authority By offering these qualifications and thus providing the job market with trained and qualified national cadres.

The aim of the consultation:

 Through this consultation, the National Qualifications Authority aims to measure the community’s awareness of the national professional qualifications that have been developed and approved and to identify educational institutions that offer those qualifications.

Expected decisions:

After studying all the responses and opinions on counseling, and in case the public wants more awareness, awareness campaigns will be intensified to introduce the role of the National Qualifications Authority, through various communication channels, intensify visits and educational gatherings, and participate in relevant exhibitions to introduce NQA and its strategic role in achieving the national agenda for the UAE United Arab Emirates.