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The UAE National Policy for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Telecommunications

Consultation subject:

The ICT and Telecom Policy provides the direction and vision of the UAE Government, its expectations of the ICT sector and the roadmap for the next 10 years (2020-2031).

Consultation objective:

In line with the values of transparency, openness and participation of all stakeholders in the ICT sector, TRA seeks to review and study the impact of its regulatory tools in order to keep abreast of developments in the sector and to include all stakeholders in various relevant regulatory studies and tools. TRA aims to meet the needs of the sector and seeks feedback from the sector. For this purpose, you are invited to participate in this consultation on the UAE National ICT and Telecom Policy and to submit your comments and reviews.

Share your thoughts:

Respondents are advised that TRA may fully publish the responses received to this consultation. In addition, TRA may, at its discretion, create and publish the “Summary of Responses” document at the conclusion of this consultation. Accordingly, the summary of responses may include references to citations (in whole or in part) from comments received. TRA is aware that some responses may contain sensitive confidential information that the respondent may not wish to publish. If the response contains confidential information, it is the responsibility of the respondent to clearly mark any information considered confidential.

Expected decisions:

The UAE National ICT and Telecom Policy must keep pace with the rapid changes in the vital ICT and Telecom ecosystem. The Government will maintain its commitment to follow the national and international trends of the ICT and Telecom sector to review its policy in a timely manner and to keep pace with market developments and customer needs. The 10-year ICT and Telecom Policy will be reviewed in early 2030.

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Note: The consultation deadline was extended to 12th January.