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Public Consultation on UAE (5G) Strategy

Consultation subject:

In keeping with its values of collaboration and commitment, The TRA wishes to consult on the main themes of UAE Strategy for International Mobile Telecommunications 2020 (IMT2020) which is known as (5G). This consultation is initiated in order to keep abreast of developments to better involve its partners and stakeholders.

Consultation objective:

The purpose of this consultation is to invite comments and responses to questions identified in this document from all interested parties. Participants may provide their views on any other relevant aspects to the proposed texts in this document, which the TRA will then consider prior to making a final decision.

Share your thoughts:

We are waiting for your ideas and suggestions to meet all challenges and tackle all current and future issues related to application of the 5G technology. Help us identify strategy objectives, procedures to meet negative impacts, spread awareness and protect people from unexpected effects. Talk to us about the role of the community, private sector and government to tackle such challenges. Interested people are invited to share their thoughts to develop the UAE 5G Strategy to protect us from threats of the digital world.

Expected decisions

After receiving your thoughts and comments to update the UAE 5G Strategy, the TRA will review them and make a draft with the new suggestions. The strategy will be finally updated, taking your thoughts and comments into account.

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