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Public Consultation on TRA Regulations for Spectrum Fees v3.0

Consultation topic:

Public Consultation on TRA Regulations for Spectrum Fees v3.0

In keeping with its values of collaboration and commitment, The TRA wishes to consult on changes to text it proposes under the articles TRA Regulations for Spectrum Fees version 3.0 issued on 7 January 2016.

This consultation is initiated in order to keep abreast of developments to better involve its partners and stakeholders.


Consultation objective:

The purpose of this consultation is to invite comments and responses to questions identified in this document from all interested parties. Participants may provide their views on any other relevant aspects to the proposed changes in this document, which the TRA will then consider prior to making a final decision.


Share with us your comments and suggestions:

If any Person or entity seeks to clarify or discuss any part of this consultation document can request for a meeting in writing again to the E-mail ( and then TRA will set the meetings in the period from 02 September 2019 to 03 September 2019.


Expected outcomes:

All concerned should respond to this consultation in writing to the TRA on or before the response date, which is 12 September 2019. The comments, which are contained in any response to this consultation, should be clearly identified with respect to the specific question in this consultation to which such comments refer. Any comments, which are of a general nature and not in response to a particular question, should be clearly identified as such. The TRA reserves the right to only consider submissions and comments that are relevant to the subject matter of this consultation.

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