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Happiness Meter

As services of public and private sectors are meshing and expanding to different offline and online channels, creating a tool that measures customers’ satisfaction and happiness became a crucial requirement; hence, the Happiness Meter was introduced. Today, this tool includes 174 entities and covers over 2500 counters and more than 850 online services.

Consultation goals: 

The Happiness Meter was launched to achieve these goals: 

1- Measure customers’ happiness towards provided services either by public or private providers. 

2- Detect any shortages or malfunctioning in the performance. 

3- Improve the efficiency of the service either at counters, service centers, or online channels. 

4- Ensure transparency and accuracy in products and services provisioning and in detecting customers’ satisfaction alike. 

Expected decisions: 

As the Happiness Meter has proven efficiency, transparency and endorsement by public entities and private establishments, this initiative will continue tracking the customers’ feedback by enrolling more entities and partners, and it is strategized to cover all rendered services in different fields and sectors. Another decision taken upon this achievement, which is to continue developing the tools and methods of applying the Happiness Meter to guarantee full integration, and ultimate satisfaction, as a milestone in the vision of making Dubai the smartest and happiest city on earth.