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The Arabian Gulf Digital Archive

The National Archives Launches A Specialized Digital Portal on the History of The UAE and the Gulf Region

:Subject of the Consultation

A major source of original documents on the Arabian Gulf 

The National Library and Archives of the United Arab Emirates has given access through the recently launched Arabian Gulf Digital Archive's portal to thousands of historical documents and photographs as well as "multimedia" i.e. audiovisual records on the UAE and the GCC countries of great historic and cultural value. Through this AGDA portal the National Library and Archive presents the rich and interesting history of the GCC countries over the last two centuries. The site documents many historical events and provides information about many prominent figures through its repository of documents many of which presented for the first time on the internet 


:Objective of the Consultation 

The Arabian Gulf Digital Archive launched recently (May 2019) which contains almost half a million high quality documents and photographs, as we need the audience observation and comments, which will help, develop and upgrade the website to a higher level in the local regional and global level

:Expected decisions

The National Library and Archive will consider all the observations and proposals from the Audience and study the implementation

Please share your thoughts and feedback