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The National Early Warning System


The National Early Warning System (EWS) is a set of procedures, policies and technologies, together, focus on the wellbeing and safety of all residents in the UAE, including the visitors.  This is achieved through effective and fast public warning.  The importance of EWS lies in the following main objectives:

Preserve lives and property by reducing the impact of emergency crises and disasters, by reaching as many people as possible to warn them of the potential danger or threat through various means of disseminations in a timely manner.

The governance of the EWS throughout the country and all the government agencies and institutions in the UAE for the proper coordination in the process of warning and dissemination and to ensure the effectiveness of public response and interaction. 

Ensure the accuracy and speed of issuance of warnings through the activation of integrated electronic systems.

Supporting the emergency management system in the UAE in all the phases of an emergency.

Consultation Purpose and Objectives:

Highlighting the system and focus on its importance in case of emergency or crisis

Decisions expected as a result of this consultation:

working on marketing the system and focus on its importances to the audience.