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National database of medical record

About The National Database of Medical Record:
The project will be established to link all the hospitals of Ministry of Health & Prevention by the end of this year, other private hospitals will be added from 2018 to 2010. This process will start officially in 2018, while private hospitals will be linked based on their readiness. MOHAP had set the requirements & all hospitals must achieve them to be linked successfully. Activating the first stage of this project will cover MOHAP hospitals, including patients records, once the integration is done, all records will be available to all hospitals in the UAE.
This project aims to unify medical records of patients in the UAE, facilitate movements of patients among healthcare providers, as well as connect public hospitals and clinics. The project shall be a digital health platform, which provides updated data of patients, showing history and type of disease and medicines administered as well as the duration of hospitalization.

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Expected results:
The team will sort out the names relevant to the system and share them with the top management to discuss and approve the suitable. This will also help the team to measure the awareness of the audience and develop the marketing plan.