A distinguished educational partnership to support students in need

31/03/2021 Education | His Excellency Abdulla Aqeeda Al Muhairi

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The distinguished partnership between the Zakat Fund and Abu Dhabi University is one of the most successful partnerships in the field of education, which has been adopted by a large number of prominent merchants and dignitaries in the country, especially with the launch of the eleventh campaign, which is renewed every year under the title "Our youth is a trust, our Zakat is immunity" to help students Citizens and residents, and raising and reducing the financial burden on them.

The campaign "Our Youth is Amanah, Zakat Us is Immunity" has made over the past ten years great contributions in support of deserving science students, in translation of the efforts of the Fund and Abu Dhabi University in supporting the academic system in the UAE and ensuring the availability of excellent educational opportunities for young people through the revival of the obligation of Zakat and the achievement of the most beautiful forms of social solidarity among individuals. And institutions.

Since its launch, the partnership has raised more than 68 million dirhams and provided financial aid to 3,130 students. This year, the campaign aims to provide support to about 500 male and female students who meet the conditions and criteria for entitlement to zakat.

We look forward this year, with our confidence in the Zakat, to help the largest number of citizen and resident students who meet the zakat requirements according to the approved list of the Zakat Fund throughout their studies at Abu Dhabi University, with an estimated amount of 60,000 dirhams per student for one academic year, as the Zakat Fund has taken many measures aimed at To facilitate the donation process and ensure that it reaches those in need.

Regarding the way to contribute to the joint campaign, the donor can make cash donations and bank checks and deliver them to the zakat fund or to Abu Dhabi University, in the name of the joint campaign for university students of knowledge, "Our youth is trust and our Zakat is immunity", or transfer the amount to the Zakat Fund account number 16420661, the international bank account number: AE300500000000016420661 To Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, in addition to donating via short text messages (sms) by sending the symbol "ج" or "U" in the amount of the donation to the following numbers, each according to the value of the donation:

10 dirhams to 8010, 50 dirhams to 8,050, 100 dirhams to 8,100, 200 dirhams to 8,200

His Excellency Abdullah bin Aqeedah Al Muhairi

General Secretary of the Zakat Fund

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Anonymous Commented on 31/03/2021


Anonymous Commented on 31/03/2021

عندما تتوفر البيئه الخصبه للعمل الجماعي فإنه ينجح في تحقيق أهداف عديده مثل إحياء فريضه ؛ وتوفير فرص تعليمه متميزه وتحقيق التكافل الإجتماعي ...