Virtual Weddings at COVID-19Sustainable Social Changes

02/06/2020 Social affairs | Hessa Bint Essa Bu Humaid

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As we recited and comprehended in the past few months, coronavirus has become the new global theme in which will change our way of existence on earth. On the other hand, when Looking at the UAE leadership who has left us with a practical approach to address different circumstances and challenges, that drive us to achieve and experience more successes. This simply reveals the balanced and sustainable work in the UAE.

During and beyond COVID-19, the Emirati Society has experienced many changes that affected the daily lives of families, individuals and members of the community in terms of social welfare and sustainable development sector, due to "social distancing” and "home quarantine", that have brought significant and noticeable changes in social behaviors across the community. This reality does not appear as negative as some expect, but rather positives of what we really need, and we have begun to see their effects early by enhancing family bonding, community solidarity, and social behavioral convictions in general.

Recently, the UAE government completed a community survey on the impacts of COVID-19, which concluded that social distancing is a precautionary measure but in turn it is a community behavior accompanied by a series of changes in public lifestyle. 96% of the respondents confirmed that there were more than usual changes in the daily lifestyle, mostly positive community behaviors, 34% said they were 'optimistic', 28% "quiet", and 25% "confident". In the same poll, 45% of the community strongly predicted that the crisis would lead to greater family and long-term bonding between friends.

More importantly, the respondents had expectations of a radical change in the social life in the UAE in terms of building more resilient and adapted societies to the future conditions, this definitely will affect the essence of welfare and social development, the core work of the Ministry of Community Development.

Recently we have begun to hear about different kinds of news that are increasingly repeated; "Online Weddings", or "Weddings Without Ceremonies". From my personal follow-up, the joy seems undiminished and positively reflects the community financially and socially. According to the principles, customs and values rooted in the UAE community, the results are feasible and satisfactory for all.

Online weddings promote all precautionary procedures, maintain the health of family members, relatives and friends and sustain public safety; they also come in compliance with the UAE wise leadership instructions to current health precautionary policy. Online weddings are also limited to the first-degree relatives, while the rest adhere to virtual presence and congratulatory messages through smart communication technologies.

These types of weddings brought back the inherited behaviors of our ancestors in arranging less costly weddings that do not burden the groom financially and an indication of enhance the family stability, family cohesion, conviction and understanding between spouses to achieve tranquility and sustainable marriage.

The change in behaviour and public life has yet to be rooted among our younger generations, we do not want more extravagancy in weddings and paying hundreds of thousands of dirhams to no goal we benefit from. Inspired by these societal changes, we have the opportunity to restore the marriage confidence at the lowest costs and expenses, without the need to arrange wedding ceremonies and book wedding halls. Our purpose is to form a cohesive Emirati family. All of us today, fathers, mothers, children and friends, have the challenge of doubling the numbers of young people and girls who are highly committed to achieve this community-development vision associated with the UAE authentic past, Life can be better, as long as we aim to create long-term happiness rather than a short-term joy.

At the Ministry of Community Development, we offer future spouses a "financial grant" in the context of the UAE wise leadership support to its citizens, a conditional grant with theoretical and practical commitments, to build stable and cohesive families in a cohesive society." The aim of the grant is to help future spouses begin their marriage and family lives with stability, tranquility and safety, along with raising awareness of family life after marriage, it is always important for young people to assume their national and societal responsibility by benefiting from the grant in the basic marriage necessities and prepare a stable future. That is what we hope and seek to establish sustainable awareness and education. We strongly believe that young people are the nation’s cornerstone, it is our duty to provide them with care, their reality is a mirror of the future of all of us.

On this occasion, as a matter of direct responsibility of the Ministry of Community Development, the Marriage Grants Department is measuring the direct social impact of COVID-19 on weddings during the past two months “March and April”. As from the principle Everyone is responsible for everyone", we look forward to your support in this survey; we all aspire to establish a more positive Emirati reality that extends to the deep roots of authentic values, as always been held by grandparents, parents and children. Together, we encourage uncostly weddings that overburden the community members financially. You are the cornerstone and stability of Emirati families

Her Excellency Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid- Minister of Community Development

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Anonymous Commented on 30/12/2020

i advice all local weddings to made on the old tradition way less people less cost happy marriage

Anonymous Commented on 20/12/2020

اثبتت الامارات انها الدولة الاولي في التحديات لمواجهة الوباء والحمد لله علي نعمه اننا نعيش بين قيادة رشيدة وشعب واعي ورائد

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