Region’s First National Registry to store up healthcare professional’s data using Block chain techno

20/02/2020 Health and fitness | Ministry of Health & Prevention

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In line with its strategy aims to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare services using innovative and sustainable technologies that guarantee protection against diseases. MoHaP has launched the region’s first national registry to store up data of healthcare professionals including doctors, pharmacists and technicians, based on Blockchain technology. Aims to facilitate the process of searching for licensed medical and technical personnel, in addition to efficiently exchanging information between healthcare regulators and providers. Additionally, the digital platform would help facilitate the process of reviewing and approving the health professionals’ certificates

That platform is a health database at the National level for licensed health workers in accordance with the highest international standards. In this context the Ministry follows strict measures and procedures to verify the academic qualifications of health workers, as part of its strategy to develop smart systems, provide the best smart online services, and implement the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s standards as well as the United Nations E-Government Development Index

The digital platform allows health professionals to review the credibility of health professionals' certificates and verify their data in a record time, rather than lengthy routine procedures. Ensuring that policies are standardized and simplify the licensing process for healthcare professionals, thereby reducing resource consumption in terms of time and cost and improving efficiency and data integrity

The Ministry is looking forward to further improvements based on this technology which may be used to develop a blacklist of doctors who violated the profession standards, in addition to building a record of licensed medicines, and other features that contribute to the development of the digital healthcare system

H.E Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, Assistant Undersecretary of the Support Services Sector
Ministry of Health and Prevention

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Anonymous Commented on 27/02/2020

اضافة جديدة ومتميزة ....شكرا للجهود المبذولة..شكرا للجنود المجهولين..

Anonymous Commented on 25/02/2020

الله يحفظكم ويوفقكم يارب