Preparing University Students

17/11/2019 Education | Dr. Abdulla Al Suweiji - Executive Director, HCT- Sharjah Campuses

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A universitystudent is the product of a strenuous and successful educational journey within the context of the development and qualification of national human resources towards creating the knowledge economy and building a promising future for the next generations, empowering UAE citizens to cope with the state-of-the-art technologies, applications and discoveries.

The HCT aims to empower university students to manage the future, armed with ethical, national and academic values. First and foremost, we seek to create in them a sense of belonging to their community and country, as well as allegiance to their leadership. A university student is ideally innovative, creative and proactive, and demonstrates commitment to life-long learning. Exemplary university students serve their country by sharing their knowledge with peers and co-workers and enrolling in volunteer programs, dedicating all efforts to leave a mark on the university and future workplace. University students are ambassadors for their country inside the country and abroad, driven by their belief in their competencies and ability to spread goodness and happiness wherever they may go.

We want a university student to be able to exercise self-criticism, constantly confronting challenges and devising post-achievement plans while staying motivated to achieve further goals. We need a dynamic student driven by positivity and optimism who will act as a unique role model. In the next stage of UAE history that witnessed its first space mission, we want students who strive to turn their dreams to reality and expand their knowledge. We expect to create cosmopolitan highly educated students with a stance on life, the universe and the community.

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