Emirati School students are champions crowned in international assemblies

23/10/2019 Education | MINISTRY OF EDUCATION

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A few years after the UAE Ministry of Education  (MoE) launched the developed education system under the umbrella of the Emirati School . we began to see the harvest and reap the fruit of such move with the Emirati School students being crowned champions in regional and international podiums in all fields and assemblies.
The Emirati School’s skills team won nine medals (2 gold - 2 silver - 5 bronze) during their participation in the Worldskills Asia Competition in Abu Dhabi and the World Championship Kazan in Russia.
Meanwhile, in line with the national orientations towards spreading the artificial intelligence culture, the MoE introduced an integrated and sustainable system for preparing the Emirati School students to meet the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution. The system is based on live curricula that keep pace with the latest technological developments worldwide and global enrichment programs such as the series of artificial intelligence and robot competitions.
A unique model of its kind in the world, the series features more than 26 national and international competitions under one roof. More than 5,000 kindergarten to graduate students will participate in its 6th edition. The series is divided into 3 basic packages: programming competitions, innovation competitions and robotics competitions. It is worth mentioning that the champions of the series achieved honorable results in the past years, winning the second place in the VEX Robotics World Championship in the United States and the first place in the RoboCup International Competition 2018 in Canada and 2019 in Australia in addition to many awards of excellence.
These honorable results were achieved by the Emirati School students in many such fields as school sports, culture and arts and the UAE flag was raised in various podiums worldwide. This reflects the advanced level that our students achieved in the fields of sports, culture, advanced skills, artificial intelligence and other fields of knowledge.
The MoE’s endeavors were not limited to empowering students during their participation in national and international events. Additionally, the MoE provided specialized centers that directly support the educational field. This helped raise the level of national and global competitiveness through providing national teams with cutting-edge tools and training by highly qualified local and international coaches. The specialized centers are regarded as sustainable models for bringing the global and practical outcome of the Emirati School students to higher levels and coming up with the outputs of such leading education that keeps up with the present age and foresees the future.

By Eng. Khalfan Juma Belhaj Al Marashdeh
Director of Student Skills Development Department
Ministry of Education

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