Administrative Empowerment ... Strategic Power for Institutions

28/08/2019 General | Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation

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The concept of empowerment is one of significant concepts in the modern management culture as well as a vital requirement nowadays. Considering the increasing interest in the concept of empowering employees; which has become an essential and crucial element in the UAE’s institutions, it is, therefore, a must to discuss the concept of real empowerment and act upon putting it into effect in the various areas of work. 


For, this concept embodies the tangible manifestation of the meaning of strengthening, supporting, and encouraging the others, providing them with knowledge, training them on the skills in order to raise their performance and urge them to do their best when working on projects and tasks; through giving them the power, freedom, and information to make decisions and participate in making them.


Empowerment has become a strategic requirement in preparing and qualifying the second and third column of national capacities. Leaderships, such as managers and supervisors in governmental and private institutions, are responsible for such requirement. As they should trust the capabilities of the employees and direct these capabilities towards success, innovation, creativity, perseverance and quality.


 Managers and supervisors should support their employees’ self-confidence, nurture their spirit of adventure, initiative and courage, and make them feel safe; particularly through discovering  and mobilizing their strengths, potential, talents and creative energy in order to encourage them to accomplish and assume their rightful place while undertaking work functions. Managers and supervisors should also ensure the employees gain the necessary expertise so that they can take responsibility in work, in addition to qualifying them and raising their potential in order for them to become empowered leaders.



Empowerment plays an important role in achieving career happiness and loyalty. As whenever the level of administrative empowerment increases, the employees’ sense of job satisfaction would increase; positively reflected on the job performance by achieving the best institutional results that would be reflected in turn on people and the society. 



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