Art of decision-making

25/07/2019 General | Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation

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Art of decision-making


Decision-making is the essence of a leader’s work. This sheds light on the role of positive thinking, which improves the effects and consequences of decision-making. Add to this the importance and role of feelings in decision-making. Based on this, the best decisions stem from a harmonious combination of logic and emotions. Of course, this combination varies depending on situations and circumstances.


Furthermore, there is no ready matrix of the secrets behind taking effective and successful decisions, because they are the outcome of accumulated experiences that we gained throughout our life and the situations we passed through. While the most intelligent and discerning people make mistakes, it is those who take successful decisions who never despair. They always learn from their mistakes and ponder what otherwise they can do. This is typically what a human brain is distinguished for; it is capable of developing itself for us to make appropriate decisions everyday.


The growing digital information revolution and the rapid development of the world around us have led to a different decision-making methodology. Such methodology was previously based on lengthy analysis and scrutiny. Nowadays, we often have to deal dynamically with changes and to take agile and prompt decisions that live up to the challenges, which demand flexibility, fast adaptation and taking smart and wise decisions.

By: Saif Ahmed Al Suwaidi

Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs - Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation


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Anonymous Commented on 26/07/2019

اتخاذ القرار الصحيح في كثير من الأحيان يجب أن يؤخذ بالتشاور مع أهل الخبرة و المجال لا أن يصدره موظف بعيدا تماما عن الواقع