Mass Weddings Enhance Family Solidarity & Community Coherence

23/07/2019 Social affairs | Ministry of community development

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Mass Weddings play an important and pivotal role in promoting family solidarity and community coherence. They also embody the directives of the UAE wise leadership, encourage community members to be part of them and stimulate their partnership with the private sector to organize such weddings that are deeply inherited in the UAE society. They also alleviate the financial burden on young people and support them achieve their dreams to form families, ensure their psychological, social and economic stability.


The organization of Mass Weddings stems from societal and national responsibility as it embodies and authentic and long-standing heritage and supported success by the UAE wise leadership. Such sustainable cooperation, support and care of many partners helps young people and stimulates them to form an Emirati coherent family. The Mass Weddings reduce financial burdens on them, alleviate negative aspects especially boasting of expenses and encourage emirati men to marry emirati women.


Wahida Khalil expressed her deepest appreciation to all the members who contributed to the success of the societal and national initiative and the efforts of the sponsors and partners. She also thanked “Al Duroa” tribe for their leading role in the success of Mass Weddings all over the UAE.


The Ministry of Community Development seeks to establish the culture of mass weddings among the young generations, and encourages them to join these types of weddings and use these expenses in other things that can be useful in forming an Emirati stable family capable of giving and developing the nation. Registration is through the ministry’s website:






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