Achieving Happiness and Spreading Positivity... The Ultimate Goal of the Government

30/06/2019 General | Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation

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Whenever we discuss the concept of happiness in the government work and the reason why it has become an integral part of the Government’s rhetoric, we would find that ensuring  people's happiness has become a primary goal and one of the Government’s strategic objectives. A Happiness roadmap has been outlined, resulting in a wide range of national programmes and initiatives, whereby happiness morphed from its vague, dreamy concept into action-oriented programmes and clear indicators that measure tangible results; clearly manifested in providing people with the best services, with the aim of facilitating their lives. Thus, the UAE government believes in the importance of ensuring the happiness of people and is determined to create an environment that enables them to achieve their dreams, aspirations and ambitions.

We cannot speak of happiness in isolation from positivity which is perceived as a way of  life; it represents our perspective on the present and the future and the means of transforming challenges into opportunities. For these very reasons, the government entities are keen to entrench the culture of excellence and positivity through providing the work environment that stimulates innovation, unleashes creativity, and boosts the team approach.

In this regard, I’d like to tell an allegory about a man who left his town heading to another one. The man found an elderly woman sitting on the borders of these two towns. He asked her “How are the people of this town?” referring to the new town. She replied with a question, “How did you find the people of the town you’ve left?” He answered; “They are good people.” Then”, she said, “So are the people of the other town.” The woman meant that people presume that other individuals are like them.

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Richard Kerby Commented on 09/07/2019

How does the Government of the UAE define the happiness of an individual?