Reading and continuous learning

19/05/2019 General | Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation

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A well-known statement says “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Reading plays a pivotal role in expanding one’s intellectual abilities and is a source for developing and refining one’s personality as it enables one not only to delve into the minds of others and learn about their experiences but also to get familiar with different cultures and learn about various sciences.


Reading also contributes to increasing one’s concentration because it helps develop one’s contemplative and expressive capacities, both written and oral. It also develops one’s analytical and creative abilities, stimulates one’s memory and enlarges one’s perception, particularly when reading different subjects in language, literature, science and other fields.


This illustrates the importance of reading and its effect on bolstering personal skills, developing corporate performance, expanding the skills of cadres and giving free reign to their creative energies at work.


It is worth mentioning here that reading is no longer linked to the stereotype of the paper book. The accelerating pace of the global growth as well as the technological advancement and the availability of digital and smart apps have nowadays led  reading to have so diverse and rather countless options that knowledge has become available to all. Hence, those who do not read no longer have any excuse. 

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Most children don't read because they don't find it fun. We have got to make reading a fun activity. As they grow up, they would have got this habit and would make sure they read all the important stuff on the important documents.