Zayed Left a Humanitarian Legacy that Resonates Globally- Zayed Humanitarian Day


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The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan-may his soul rest in peace- left a humanitarian legacy that the world celebrates and resonates every year; this is manifested in his love for good deeds and giving worldwide. "Zayed Humanitarian Day" on 19th Ramadan each year which coincides with the anniversary of the death of late founding father of the UAE has become a recorded history in humanitarian giving. This annual day renews our commitment to celebrate this occasion with more unforgettable humanitarian initiatives and giving
This day reflects the humanitarian spirit full of good deeds for others and establishes noble values in the hearts of the people in the UAE. It always reminds us of the foundations on which the UAE was founded following the late Sheikh Zayed visions of tolerance and unlimited. The UAE became a global landmark in humanitarian initiatives emanating from the hearts and souls of all UAE citizens and residents to help needy people, extend a helping hand to others, and keenness to improve the lives of the people of the world; this reflects the UAE commitment to Zayed legacy and the wise leadership efforts in becoming a global leading country and one of the largest donor states donors of humanitarian and aid assistance compared to its national income

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