Spotlight (The Impact of Environmental Change on the Zakat Fund)

03/06/2022 Environment and energy | His Excellency Abdulla Aqeeda Al Muhairi

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Looking ahead is a systematic and organized way of using our ideas about the future to anticipate and prepare for change. Today, current and future environmental and climatic changes are one of the most important issues. Because of its impact on various aspects of life, there are clear repercussions of potential climate change on the economies of countries.

The first is the negative impact of global warming on the vital arteries of the global economy resulting from the excessive exploitation of natural resources, in the sectors of agriculture, industry and construction. In the long term, climate change is expected to weaken global economic activity as a result of damages to vital economic sectors such as agriculture, and damage to property and infrastructure. , high insurance costs, poor productivity, and displacement.

Which will eventually lead to a negative impact on the entire global financial system.

Therefore, in an effort by the Fund to ensure future readiness and to study environmental variables and their impact on society and the Zakat Fund in particular.

The Fund worked on conducting a prospective study entitled "The future of society in light of environmental changes and their impact on the Zakat Fund," where future foresight methodologies and tools were used as a basis, such as (analysis of the impact of trends and morphological analysis), and the Fund was keen to study several future environmental changes, including (climate change). Air quality, resource scarcity, disasters Natural, and others), and analysed its impact on society and the Zakat Fund and its work, as a result of which 3 different future scenarios were formulated, which reflected the future scenarios: optimistic, pessimistic, and devoid of surprises for the future society, taking into account the various environmental outcomes expected from the chosen directions.


Below are the selected future trends and expected results for each future trend, and colors indicate that different results are linked to the formation and formulation of 3 different future scenarios




   By Maryam Ali Al-Mansouri

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مقال رائع وموضوع مهم

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