United Arab Emirates University Supports National Research Efforts in Clean Energy

02/02/2024 Environment and energy | United Arab Emirates University

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Within its strategic plan, the United Arab Emirates University focuses on clean energy as an important research axis. The university has allocated energy as a strategic research axis within the UAE University's plan for research and innovation (2023-2026). The university is also working to provide the basic capabilities to achieve the goals related to clean energy, to contribute to enhancing its research status and reputation through solid scientific research that contributes to developing science and knowledge and finding scientific solutions to research challenges related to clean energy, as the availability of clean energy is considered the seventh goal of sustainable development.

The university also seeks to achieve scientific and research production on topics of national and strategic priority by publishing research results in the best international journals according to Scopus data. Faculty members, researchers and students published 891 research papers according to Scopus data during the period from 2018 to January 2024, while the number of citations for these research papers reached 10,262, which is equivalent to 11.5 citations per research paper. The percentage of research production related to clean energy is estimated at 8.1% of the university's total research production in all specializations for the period from 2018 - January 2024.

The research fields in which the UAE University has published are many and varied, including the following: perovskite solar cells, wave energy, photovoltaic systems, secondary batteries, electrical energy transmission, bioenergy, building conditions and air conditioning. The university also cooperates with several international universities in clean energy-related research including Technological University of Malaysia, where researchers from both universities published 61 research papers for the period from 2018 until January 2024. While researchers from the UAE University published 56 research papers with researchers from the University of Malaya, the result of cooperation between the UAE University and Khalifa University was 39 research papers in areas related to clean energy in that period.


Professor Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad

Associate Vice President for Scientific Research at the UAE University

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