Initiatives and programs that support the active life of senior citizens, and enhance their role in building the community

13/11/2023 Social affairs | Ministry of community development

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The Ministry of Community Development believes that wellbeing begins with empowerment, which is achieved through policies, legislations, and laws that are implemented to achieve desired goals and objectives. This includes the launch of the National Policy for Senior Citizens and federal Law No. (9) of 2019 concerning the rights of Senior Citizens, which represent a legislative support for national initiatives and programs, and enhance individual social responsibility towards elderly citizens. Here are some examples of the initiatives and programs: -"Intergenerational Dialogue" initiative is one of the national policies for Senior Citizens, in which the Ministry of Community Development, in collaboration with its partners from the public and private sectors and non-profit organizations, aims to build an effective dialogue between Senior Citizens and youth on various topics such as Emirati family values, sustainability of environmental resources, communication technology, and innovation. The " Intergenerational Dialogue" initiative follows an implementation of the government directives through the "60 Tech Initiative", by prioritizing and empowering Senior Citizens with all the required knowledge, especially technological skills, that emphasize their integration in the new world with all age groups, and facilitate their access to automated services and manage their lives independently. -'50 Youth Program' is an educational program for retirees and future spouses to raise awareness about the proper ways to adapt to this transitional stage of retirement, and accept the accompanying life changes. The Ministry's initiatives and programs continue to meet the aspirations of all the community members and make them supportive individuals and contributors to building and developing their society

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