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dear sir , i am working in one company , my visa is 3 year i finish already 2 years and 5 months if i want canel from this company i have ban or no sir please reply me as soon as .............thanks.


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مجهول on 14/06/2017


Nicholas Willis on 16/01/2017

To Avoid a Labour Ban To avoid being banned, you should ensure that your current employer has taken appropriate action to extend your employment contract with the Department of Labour, prior to expiry of your labour contract. If you are undergoing a job change, ensure that your sponsorship has been transferred to the new employer; else, your Labour Card will be cancelled, or be banned. In case, of an absconding employee, the employer will have to file an absconding case to get the visa of the

David Anderson on 16/01/2017

Employment Ban / Work Permit Ban / Labour Ban An employment ban, work permit ban and labour ban are all the same. All of these imply that you are not permitted to work in the UAE for a specific period of time. An employment ban could be for six months, one year, or permanent.

Nicholas Willis on 16/01/2017

i'm in 3 years visa and coming july completing my 2 years..i want to cancel my visa,will get ban?Professional general cook

Tom Shaw on 16/01/2017

I came in dubai as a visit visa. i am now working in a boutique shop and have my employment visa now but i ddnt sign any employment contract yet. im in my probationary period for 2months. Today is my 1st month. Do employment contract is given after your probationary period is done? or before working? i did not take any medical examinations also. Is it possible to leave my current job and find another job again? Do i get a ban even if i ddnt sign any contract but with employment visa already? an

Nicholas Willis on 16/01/2017

i experience also this one. please reply me. thank you.

Tyler Duncan on 16/01/2017

I cancelled my visa to my previous company and i got new company and they already processing my visa, I'm just worried because I have credit card debts in the bank that leads me to have ban in immigration, my new company already got approval from Dubai Labor and they just waiting for releasing of my employment visa, is it possible to have my employment visa even I have ban in immigration, Please advice me in this regards. Thank you

Reuben Bates on 16/01/2017

I am working in abu dhabi for last three months. Now i get an offer from a shipping company with the salary of AED-5500, My current salary is AED-3000, is tre any way to change visa without employment ban, am ready to pay compensation to my current employer.

Tom Shaw on 16/01/2017

Hello i just want to know if i have a ban i work in global village in dubai that is a freezone then my manger terminated me without reason, actually my workmate have fault for that on manager terminate me, then no i want to know if a have a ban? I have only employment visa which is expired last March 13, 2012 then dd not renew my employment visa, i dont have residence visa on my passport..i have a ban or no.? Please e need ur help

Julius Tucker on 16/01/2017

I'm a designer with a master degree, I'm on an limited contract and my labour card expires in march 2014, I have a uk passport however i am on my fathers sponsorship and he has a UAE passprt, will i get a ban??


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